Constitution of The LAS Benevolent Fund

Objects of the fund:

  1. The object of the fund is to provide support and assistance in the relief of severe but temporary financial hardship and/or unforeseen circumstances outside the control of the individual member of the fund or dependents that may be concerned.  
  2. Membership of the fund:  The membership of the fund shall be restricted to employees of the London Ambulance Service and attached staff.  
  3. Management of the fund:  The management of the fund shall be vested in the Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “The Executive”)  whose powers and duties are more particularly set out in subsequent clauses of this constitution:  AN ELECTED EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE which will supervise the financial arrangements of the fund including the authorisation of loans or grants for support and assistance and the alleviation of severe financial hardship among members of the fund or dependents that may be concerned.   
  4. Officers of the fund:  The following persons shall be invited to accept office as under:
    1. (i) A president, chosen by the council of management of the fund.
    2. (ii) The vice president shall be whomsoever the council may wish to appoint in recognition of outstanding services to the fund, whether or not such individuals are members of the London Ambulance Service.
  5. The Executive:  The Executive Committee shall consist of:
    1. (i) A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Assistance Advisor, Financial Administrator / Secretary  of the Fund,     who shall be such person or persons as the fund shall from time to time elect; plus Two / Three representatives from other disciplines and geographical locations of the funds membership.
    2. (ii) Any member of the Ececutive who is unable to be present at a meeting of the Executive may appoint a deputy to represent him/her at such a meeting.  Any such appointment shall be made in writing for one specific meeting of the Executive only.
    3. (iii)  The members of the Executive shall hold office for 3 years only.  Any casual vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as herein before provided, but any member elected to fill a casual vacancy shall retire at the next regular period of election.  All members of the Executive shall be eligible for a further period or periods of service.
  6. Termination of Office: A member of the Executive shall cease to be a member if:
    1. (a)   He/She ceases to be a member of the fund.
    2. (b)   He/She gives notice of resignation in writing to the secretary of the Fund.
    3. (c)  A resolution removing him/her from office is passed (after seven days notice)
    4. Thereof shall be given) by a Executive majority of not less than half the members of the Executive present at the meeting of the Executive at which such a resolution is proposed: after investigation by the full Executive Committee members.
  7. Officers of the Executive
    At the Annual General Meeting of the Fund, when appropriate the fund shall elect the following Officers:(i)   A Chairman.  A Vice Chairman.  (Who shall be elected from among the members of the Executive.     (ii)  A Financial Administrator / Secretary  (iii) Two / Three additional executive backup representatives.
    All such officers shall hold office for 3 years and shall be eligible for re-election. The Executive shall have power to fill any vacancy however caused for the period between the occurrence of such vacancy and the date of the next election.
  8. Powers and Duties of the Executive
    1. (i) The Executive whether acting by committee or otherwise, will when considered necessary, examine the content of the constitution of the fund and shall have the power to make rules consistent with the provisions of the constitution for the revision or general administration  and organisation of the affairs of the fund and shall have power to vary, alter or revoke such rules, subject to the provisions contained in Clause 17 hereof.
    2. (ii)The Executive whether acting by committee or otherwise shall, except as hereinafter provided, receive and arrange for the collection of all monies collected or paid for any purpose of the fund.
    3. (iii) All such monies shall be paid forthwith on receipt to an account in the name of the fund with such Bank or Financial institution, as the Executive Committee shall from time to time select.  No monies shall be withdrawn from the account except with the authority of the Executive, or a committee appointed for that purpose under clause 8 (viii) hereof and upon signature of two persons from four persons nominated by the Council for this purpose.

 (iv)  All proper costs, charges and expenses incidental to the administration and management of the affairs of the Fund shall be defrayed out of and be a first charge on the fund and subject thereto the Funds of the Fund shall be applied for purposes within the objects of the Fund (as specified in clause 1 hereof) in accordance with the directions of the Executive.

 (v) The Executive shall have power to invest any monies standing to the credit of the Fund in the name of the fund in any securities, assets, bonds and investments and may deposit all or any of the monies belonging to the Fund with any Bank or Financial institution in the name of the Fund.


(vi) The Executive shall cause proper records of accounts to be kept showing all sums of monies received and paid by the Fund and shall also keep or cause to be kept a minuted record of all business transacted at the meeting of the Executive Committee.


(vii) The Executive may delegate any of its functions to a special Sub-Committee or Sub-Committees.  The Executive shall, when appointing any such committee or committees, define the terms of reference within which the committee is to function and shall appoint one member of the Executive thereof to act as Chairperson.  The Chairperson, Financial Administrator / Secretary of the Fund shall be ex-officio members of all Committees and Su-Committees appointed by the Executive under this clause.

 9.  Meetings of the Executive:


(i)          The Executive shall meet at such time and at such place as the Chairperson shall direct.  The Secretary shall cause notice of every meeting of the Executive to be given to each member of the Council, at least fourteen days before the date of the next meeting.


(ii)         The Chairperson shall within seven clear days after the receipt of a request in writing specifying the business to be transacted thereat and agreed by not less than one half of the members of the Executive, summon or cause to be summoned, a meeting of the Executive for a date not later than 21 days after the request has been received.


(iii)        Apart from the ordinary business of the Execvutive, no other business shall be considered at any meeting of the council, unless it has been submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Executive, not less than seven days before the meeting at which the business is to be considered.


(iv)        Each member of the Executive(or a deputy appointed in accordance with clause 5 (v) hereof) present and entitled to vote: excluding the Chairperson and Secretary, shall be entitled to vote on each motion put to the vote and in the event of an equal division of votes the Chairperson shall be entitled to a casting vote.


(v)         One third of the members of the Executive (or their deputies) who are entitled to vote shall form a quorum.

10. The Executive Committee:  Shall consist of the Honorary Officers plus Two / Three additional backup representatives from   various locations of the membership. The additional representatives to be elected at the Executive meeting next followed by the Annual General Meeting and to hold office for three years subject to clause 5 (v) hereof.

 11. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

   (i)           To advise the membership on the Finances of the Fund.

         (ii)           To consider and if thought fit, authorise applications for financial grants.

(iii)          Providing the applicant has satisfied the committee of his/her bona fides. The executive committee may authorise loans or grants from the fund to provide support or assistance for the alleviation of severe temporary financial hardship in deserving cases among members of the fund.

(iv)         The Executive Committee shall have power to delegate all or any of its functions to a Sub-Committee or Sub-Committees.

(v)       The Executive Committee shall keep or cause to be kept, documented minutes in which shall be recorded all business transacted at the meetings of the Committee. 

(v)      One half of the members of the Committee plus one honorary officer shall form a quorum. 



12. Co-opted members:  The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt any other person or persons to serve on their respective Executive Committee, but co-opted members shall not be entitled to vote. 


13. Subscriptions:  The subscription to the Fund from serving members of the London Ambulance Service shall be a Monthly contribution of a sum decided from time to time by the Executive Committee.. 


14. Raising of Monies: Voluntary Donations or Bequests from individuals or organisations outside of the LAS shall be referred to the Executive Committee for acceptance on behalf of the membership of the Fund.  However no monies shall be purposefully solicited by anyone in the Fund unless approval in writing has been given by the Executive or by a committee or person appointed by the Executivel for this purpose.  

15.  Appointment of Accountants:  The Council shall appoint a firm of Chartered Accountants to receive the accounts of the Fund and who shall report to the Executive on the accounts of the Funds annual financial period each year and also at such other intervals as may be consider appropriate.  The funds Financialm Administrator shall receive all reports of the funds accountants and all recommendations or necessary requirements acted upon in conjunction with notification to and approval from available members of the executive committee of the fund.  The accountants or their duly authorised representative may attend all or any meetings of the members of the Fund and of the Exevutive. 


16. Liquidation of the Fund:  When it appears to the Executive that the need for the Fund has ceased to exist or that if through any emergency the Fund cannot be administered for the sole benefit of the membership as defined in this constitution, the Council shall call a special General meeting of the Fund to determine the disposal of the assets of the Fund accordingly.


17.  Alterations to the Constitution:  This constitution may be altered only by resolution passed by a majority of not less than two thirds of the Funds Executive Committee members present at a Special General meeting called for the purpose of presenting the resolution.  A minimum of Twenty-Eight, (28) day’s notice of the Special General meeting shall be given, specifying the terms of the resolution.