The London Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund is not a national organization, a registered charitable fund or a mutual society.  The Benevolent Fund is a “Fund” managed by the members for the members and its principal purpose is to provide support and assistance for the relief of severe financial hardship and/or circumstances unforeseen and outside the control of the individual or dependents concerned.

It was with this aim that the original inauguration group set up the benefits that all members enjoy automatically from the date of joining.  These benefits have been established over a long term to distribute some of the funds to members or their dependents at their time of need.

Death Benefit:  £8,000.00  Payable without delay to named beneficiary, to relieve immediate financial burden. Executive Meeting 2nd October 2008. Immediate effect
Monthly Draw: 8 x £100.00 Membership numbers randomly drawn each Month and include new members.
Annual Christmas Draw:  1 x £250.00 Membership number randomly drawn in December of each year and includes all new members.
Retirement Grant: 1 x £25.00
for each year
of membership
Members of the Fund that are retiring as full serving employees of the LAS, for Medical, Age, or early retirement reasons.
Subscription: £3.50 per month  Equal to 80p per week. as of executive Meeting 2nd September 2010

These are the current Benefits and Subscription as of 1st November 2010, Previous subscription maintained without increase since 1st June 2004.

The London Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund, has always maintained and will continue to maintain a low level, value for money membership subscription. 

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